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Jamaica Funk

Posted in Uncategorized on December 19, 2007 by Taliah

I looovvveee me some Chaka Khan…man if I lived back in those days of the P-funk era, I would have been a beast! lol It would have been a dance off every weekend in the soul train line. I wish we could go back to these days when the music was soulful and the instruments gelled with the vocals. “What you gonna do for me” and of course the hit “I’m every woman” are my favorites. She was also fierce when she joined forces with Rufus with another hit “I feel for you”. I know this blog is mainly about fashion but I had to throw in the 70’s influential arts and crafts. In addition to Chaka Khan’s music, her beauty and sensual hour glass shape was ridiculous. Not to mention the long hippie-style dresses and stylish head wraps she wore back in those days. Please be influenced~

My Journey Has Begun

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So for the last few days I’ve been straddling into the local bookstores during my lunch break to, I guess, ease my mind. I have been inhibited by Corporate America for far too long and I seriously can’t take it anymore. It’s like a kid standing in front of the candy store with the door locked watching all the other kids play and eat candy, while he has to eat the rotten tomato. I mean seriously that’s how I feel. I am disgusted right now, I’ve been at my company for over two years (I stop counting after August) and I want to be on the other side of the fence making history. If anybody knows me, they know anything that has to do with Fashion and the Arts is my #1 passion. Just don’t ask me why am I not in it. It’s hurtful right now. Okay, yeah I have a small clothing line that I absolutely adore when its up and running but that is not enough. I want to have my hands in everything unimaginable. My ultimate goal is to own a boutique within a year, so I have started my research. Can’t give you guys the details yet, they’re still being worked out. In the meantime, pay close attention to my journey.
Taliah Somone xoxo

My Darling, Darling baby

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Pop Bamboo Large Top Handle Price: 2590.00

Wow, Gucci’s new cruise line is pretty dope this season. I am a huge fan of patent leather especially when it is executed right. This masterpiece of art is perfect for the night time cruise affair. Now if only I had an extra 3000.00 to spare and about another 2 Gs for the cruise to Barbados, I would be set! lol

UPDATE!!! I found the perfect peep toe, mary jane Christian Louboutin shoes to match this awesome bag. Check it out.

Parisian Chic

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I was inspired over the weekend by the highly aesthetic film “Marie Antoinette” brought by the independent movie director Sofia Coppola (Virgin Suicides). Now before you even think about getting a history lesson from this movie, you might want to think twice about renting it. Coppola’s intent seemed far from the French Revolution and more on Vogue and Bazaar haute couture. This rendition of the Queen of France’s peculiar life, played by Kirsten Dunst, upset a lot of people because she was made out to be this sympathetic young girl who had a sweet heart but didn’t want to get too heavily involved in politics. However, I saw it as a precocious lady who came from Austria to make a heir for The Dauphin and bring peace between the French and Austria but had fun in the meantime with her personal entourage. Coppola shows an array of beautiful, intricate gowns and pieces in this film and it literally made my eyes water. The fascinating colors were breathtaking varying in an explosion of pinks; fuchsia, baby pink, etc and the floral prints added that breath of Parisian-esque flair to the whole 17th century fashion era. Marie Antoinette showed herself to be a very careless spender on shoes, extravagant hairstyles, and exorbitant dresses but who also felt a lot of the royal treatment was unneccesary. She brought a different style to the royal house and inspired many who came after her. She was like the perfect French barbie-doll and I loved every bit of it. The food in the movie had me feening for delicate desserts and sweet juicy, exotic fruits. I will admit Sofia Coppola’s films are a bit unique but she always seems to maintain some sense of i-wont-fall-into-the-traditional-movie approach. The fusion of pop 80s music mixed with the 17th century style was brilliant and to me it seemed less boring than other period films. Her twist of Marie Antoinette’s life was her own style and whether people hated it or not didnt change the fact that Coppola was satisfied with her art.

Queen B

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Okay, so this morning I am driving to work, cruising, mad as Hell that I have to go in, and I start to feel a sense of nostalgia come over me as I bob to the tunes of “Hard Core” by Lil Kim. I will have to say this album is a classic with no hesitation. Today, female rap artists or lack there of are struggling to even get a radio hit. I think you and me may have an idea of why this is but this is not the reason I decided to write this thought. I believe I just wanted to relive the 90s, when the female b&%$# image brokethrough. I was 16 when this album came out and I promise you I have never heard anything like it. This was the era when name dropping for major labels became extremely popular. (i.e. The Gabbanna Girls) I mean come on who really knew who Dolce and Gabanna was in the mid 90s and I’m speaking for the urban community. Is Lil Kim’s album the best representation of the black woman, Absolutely not, but did it change a lot of girls lives and the bedroom taboo issues; I would say so.
On another note, here is my rendition of “I love the 90s”