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Fashion Kittens of the Week

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Some hot ish!!

Jlo at her baby shower. Preggers and all, this chick is rockin the hell out of that coat and heels!
Cassie, I really could care less how this girl sings, all I know is she is definitely setting the bar high for these other fashionistas.
Dita Von Teese (I dont know what it is about her, but I have been feeling her lately)

Bjork! I had to throw this picture in here. I love the colors matching her shirt and face paint. I think its pretty dope! She is a crazy chick too!


Arrivederci, Valentino

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It is a sad day for the world of fashion. One of our greatest Italian fashion designer took his last bows last night in Paris. Valentino Garavani (Valentino), known for his sophisticated dresses, has ended his career of 45 fashionable years in the flamboyant Haute Couture empire. Hearing this announcement for the first time, brought back memories of one of my college papers in fashion school, which I enthusuastically wrote with adoration for his precious commodity. I can’t tell you what my grade was, but I do KNOW that it was a A+++ in my book…lol. Lucy Liu (I LOVE HER), Uma Thurman, and some other notable fashion kittens came out to support the celebration along with designers Miuccia Prada and Albert Elbaz, the creative director of Lanvin. It was a beautiful thing (No I wasnt there) but I HEARD and saw it was great to see his last collection which consisted of floral print chiffon, delicately embroidered lace and floor sweeping silk charmeuse gowns. Although some people may feel its a sad departure, he left us with a “happy collection”. Furthermore, the dude is like my grandmother’s age…I mean I guess it was time to let it go.

Here are some pics of his last collection:


Mid-Winter Essentials

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Koolaburra cross boots (395.00)

Alright my sassy beauty queens, lets enter the world of illegal coldness! Some of you may take a leap outside and feel like you’ve just entered Alaska and I’m sure this is capital punishment for both you and me, however I have compiled some quintessential cute cover ups for the next couple of torturous months. On the bright side, we are coming closer to early spring (Halleluah!) but for now, I’m not tryna have frost bite and a red nose!

Oh how I love the supple cashmere! I know you’re thinking, well cashmere isnt the most inexpensive material, but au contraire mes soeurs, the winter sales are goingz onzz! Check your local department stores and discounted dept. stores, i.e. Filene’s and Loehmanns and score one of those warm cashmere scarves and sweaters.

Here are a few of my favorite picks and the rest follows.

Alexander McQueen
Tiger print pashmina (610.00)

Alexander McQueen
Skull pashmina (315.00)

Nordstrom Cashmere military gloves (48.00)

Juicy Couture cashmere/wool knit sweater (sale price 195.00)

Spring & Clifton Knit Slouchy Hat (75.00)

Puff coat (595.00)

UGG Australia Rainier Boots (200.00) Side note: The most comfortable boots EVER

Take a look…

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A few weeks ago I went to a Do-It-Yourself convention at the Lyric in downtown Baltimore (sponsored by Squidfire) and I came across some pretty cool designers. The vibe was mellow and it sorta felt like I was shopping in some one’s mansion with blasting underground music in the background. There was jewelry, handmade tees for kids and adults, handmade toys and lamps, hence, Do-It-Yourself; EVERYTHING was hand-crafted and home-made. It gave me an inspiration, I’m not quite sure what it was exactly, but it gave me hope to continue my dreams. I love to see people bring originality from the heart. Their hustle to become successful entrepreneurs was amazing to see. Two of my favorite designers was a guy named Jesse Walker (love the name), who designs jewelry crafted from industrial items, such as stainless steel, and safety pins…but don’t get it twisted, he makes it look elegant and unique. The quality is phenomenal and very unexpected since most of his pieces don’t involve any typical gems and stones. He has an assortment of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. He is based out of Washington, DC, however he sells his jewelry at different boutiques.

Check out his website:
Here is some work of art from Realm by Jesse Walker that I really admire:

And now on to the beauty treats! So, I love me some soaps; soaps that are Au natural, maybe some extra virgin olive oil thrown in there, or even Shea butter, it doesn’t matter, I just simply have a deep sentiment for them. Oh and something that lingers when your out the shower is a double plus for me. I instantly fell in love with one of the line of products featured at the showroom and I also adored their name, Biggs and Featherbelle. They had all types of candles, soaps, chapsticks, lotions with lovely packaging! My favorite so far is a soap called Barbados…what!? the aroma left on your skin is positively uplifting. It smells like grapefruit sweet tea or something…lol. Imagine Burt’s Bees meets Carol’s Daughter (the packaging).

Here is their website:

Barbados soap:

My Crazy Weekend

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Sorry for the lack of posts these last few days, it has been a long, crazy weekend. It all started Friday at 6pm. My boyfriend and I went to The One’s happy hour. The crowd pretty much sucked but it was free drinks for the first hour and it wasnt far from the house. A few of our friends came through and we stayed there for a couple of hours. I think this was the beginning of my buzz (maybe more than a buzz) and from then it was a wrap! Follow the series of events…

The One

Kasbah (We were here for like 45 minutes)

Grand Opening of PUR Night Club
~We were hammered by this time, and from what I remember…lol…the club was really nice. Everything is pretty much white and the walls have built-in water falls. The lighting gives a luminous effect to the lounge’s atmosphere. I need to go there when I’m sober and then I can really give you a better description.~
Thanks to

The Next Day a few of my friends and co-workers went out for one of the girls birthday and she decided to have it at a saddle ranch club called McFaddens in DC. It was actually a lot of fun and something other than your typical night at Love. My thighs are killing me right now! That damn bull worked the hell out of

Check out the pics….

Label Whores

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One thing you need to know about me is that I am a Kelis advocate. Sorry all you Beyonce fans, I stand behind Kelis 100%, well maybe not 100%…lol but damn close. This video I’m about to show you guys is very true to my heart. It can’t be said any better than this. Kelis explains how you are not validated or inducted to the hall of fashion fame just because you are dripping designers from head to toe. It’s all about choosing your clothes based on style and character. To put it simple, Label Whores, pay close attention!

Kelis part is at the end. I’m sorry my editing skills aren’t on point yet, just be patient. (Scroll through if you need to)

Current Mood: PISSED!

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I am so freakin mad right now. The holidays are over, all of the riff raff stuff is behind me. It is time for ME now. So I’m looking for some bomb ass riding boots or some bangin stiletto boots to add to my already, oh-so-hot collection and I come across these BEAUTIFUL high Italian leather riding boots on Saks website. Oh to die for, so I check for my size and guess what? no 7.5 or 8!! Uuugghh, so it has a message on there to call the warehouse the next day because they were no longer available, so I do that and the dude is like, “well we have a size 8.5 or 6.5” No thanks, wont fit my feet, too small and too big. I was so hurt, so I’m searching everywhere now, determined to find these damn boots. All over my size is gone!! The best part about these boots is they started at a whopping $545.00 and then were marked down to 146.92!!!!!! What!! A bargain!!

Please take a look. I decided to share these with my fellow fashionistas, so you can feel my pain as well.

The Beauty:
Studio Pollini Riding boots