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Trend alert

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Peep this new trend of what i like to call the futuristic footloose episode.

I was browsing through the new InStyle magazine and I noticed the hottest designers coming out with these Back to the future IV shoes.



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So on Saturday, I was being a domestic slave to the kitchen, trying to finish my baked pasta dish, however I got sidetracked by the internet and jumped online really quick to check something out, well in the process of “checking something out”, I came across the Grand Opening of “Cake Love!!” I was so amped and fired up, I immediately jumped in the shower and got dressed to haul ass down to Canton, MD for the oh-so-delicious buttery, fluffy cakes brought by Warren Brown, former attorney turned baker. Mmm…mmm…good. I felt like a kid when I met him, and I was excited to see yet another great establishment in the heart of Canton and Baltimore MOST IMPORTANTLY!!

The Canton location is the fourth location for Warren Brown and they offer an assortment of cakes, with my favorite being the strawberry shortcake. They have coffee buttercream, coconut cake, chocolate covered strawberries, lemon tartes and much more. Also, if you are planning a wedding or know someone who is, they have beautiful wedding cakes for the bride and groom. Cake Love and the founder Warren Brown has been featured in many news and media, including the popular Food Network.

Check them out at

Billionaire Hat

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Here is a picture of Jay-Z rocking the Billionaire hat from Pharrell’s line BBC, which he (Pharrell) wore the other day in Tokyo, Japan. Refer to my previous blog, “Bape Star Search.” I guess this is the next hot item!

Botkier does Shoes!

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Hey duchesses!

G’day to you! I am thrilled to share with you lovelies the newest venture for Monica Botkier, designer for Botkier handbags, which are some pretty hot shoes and sandals. Yes Botkier has expanded their uber-leather bag line into breathtaking sophisticated sandals. Who knows what’s next for this chic line, maybe some creative threads. We’ll see.

Here you go…

Image source: shopbop

To get more information on the shoes and bags, click here.


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The new Coco Chanel concept phone!! I am literally hyperventillating over here with excitement of how aesthetically genius this phone is. I couldn’t find too much detail on the functionalities involved in it and why this is the next best thing other than it being a fashion phone, but I’ll go with the fact that it was designed for the House of Chanel and it looks so damn good! Woohhh!

Check out some more pics….

Image source: Hypebeast

Trend Alerts!

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Hey beauties!

Hope you are enjoying another beautiful day of what we call LIFE. I am having an okay day, just in case you were wondering. Of course I was doing my normal pattern of multi-tasking through work, fashion articles and world news and from all of that, I felt like speaking on some trends to watch that you fashionistas may want to jump on in the next few days to months depending on how quick you are or how much you are feeling it at the moment. I’ve never been the one to follow trends, howvere in order to avoid sounding like I’m contradicting myself, I am sharing trends that I feel are a perfect match for a classic ensemble (hope that makes sense).

First up are colorful opague tights and shimmering metallic legwear.

Since it is Black History Month…

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Bon jour mademoiselles,
How are we today? Black History Month…hmmm..what can I say about it? I think it’s great… to an extent, however the way I look at it, since this is a fashion blog, I feel like my brown beauties aren’t getting enough support from the high fashion world or THE WORLD for that matter, (but that’s another topic) so I thought to myself, I said “Self” What can I share with the world through my escribitionist views, that will simultaneously speak fashion and Black current events/history and so I came up with the idea to post about black models, or lack there of.
Since the fashion weeks of all major fashion countries are going on (some has passed), it reminded how scarce the black models are and of course it made me frustrated. I mean…what’s the problem, are we not thin enough, are we not beautiful enough…Hell no…so what is it?? There were a couple of new faces sprinkled through the runways but never enough for me. Even for the Victoria’s Secret’s fashion show, I sat in front of my television looking for some cocoa bunnies to sashay down the runway and…Nothing…two to three tops. I won’t vent too much on this subject because I think you get the picture. No matter what color you are, I’m sure it is obvious that we need more Naomi’s, Iman’s, and Liya’s.
Check out some new faces that swept the London, NY, and Milan runways these past weeks. (Chanel Iman isn’t really new (last picture of the four) but she is fairly new. She’s a hot commodity too!

This girl’s body is bangin! Need to get in the gym quick!

Introducing Jourdan Dunn…This chick has been on err’body’s runway this season.

Here are a few more images to leave you guys with.

First picture below is Beverly Johnson who is the first African American cover model of the American Vogue in August 1974.