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“Happy Happy Joy Joy”

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The Joy collection from Gucci….silence…

Swarovski Ginza Shop Opening – Press Preview

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So I’m sure you know by now my obsession for Asian I need to make it to Tokyo very soon. Here is the grand opening for Swarovski in Tokyo, Japan. I am a huge fan of their jewelry and delicate pieces. I’ve always admired their stores in the mall BUT this shyt right here (Kat is off the chain!! Look at the architecture in this bad boy! Amazing!!

I am floored by these chicks style and their grace. I wish I could have been there! ):

Beautiful people!

Fergie and Quentin Tarantino’s Birthday!

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Here are some pics from Fergalicious’ and Quentin Tarantino’s birthday celebration at Jet Night Club in the Mirage (Las Vegas, NV.) Guests include Kid Rock, Keyshia Cole, Nelly and more.

Check out the pics! The cake is beautiful!

Keyshia has been a lot better lately! Love the hair.

Bond No. 9’s Newest Fragrance: Andy Warhol Union Square

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Hey Fashionistas,

As much as we love to look good, we also love to smell delicious. There are so many new scents coming out every month from celebrities to rappers to fashion designers. Well, this one may be a little different than your normal fragrance partnership. We have the famous Andy Warhol foundation teaming up with Classy Bond No. 9 fragrance team to make a series of fragrances with beautiful art images on the front. For some of you that love art and respect Warhol’s creative geniusness (lol), then I’m sure you will appreciate this new fragrance, Union Square.

The Portfolio box includes 10 different 100 ml bottles for the price of 1500.00. Hey who said smelling good with Andy Warhol would be cheap. But of course, you can probably buy one separate if you don’t want the whole box.

Nostalgic Style

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Hey beauties!

I am on a ball today! For some reason I am overextending my fashion goodies to you all today and I guess its because I feel bad for my lack of posts in the last few weeks. I got a boost today from Ms. Candace and it made me feel like someone actually cares…lol. No, but I’m serious. This is truly therapeutic for me to continue my passion!

On another note, I wanted to give a personal thanks to Ali Mcgraw for having such lovely style back in the day. If you haven’t seen the “Love Story” with her and Ryan Oneal, then you are doing a disservice to YOURSELF! I actually heard about it in In Style or Vogue magazine a couple of years ago and they had a big feature on her and what she was into today. Her style was mod, but in a good school girl way. She wore cute minis and tights, coats with leather belts wrapped around her torso and of course she rocked the “Bert” eyebrows…lol. Don’t act like you didn’t have bushy eyebrows back then.

Check out the fabness!

Some like it hot…

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And some like it fashion forward AKA crazy!!

Some Spring/Summer shoes for you lovelies to adore or maybe just get a woooow out of it.
My favorites are Rodarte and Chloe!
Doo Ri



Miu Miu


Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs

Unsure (lol)

Roberto Cavalli


John Galliano

LA Fashion Week: Ashley Paige

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Hey Fashionistatis! (Lol)

How’s everybody doing on this beautiful Wednesday? My life is starting to come together from small pieces into bigger cashew brittle chews, so I guess that means its looking tasty. Well, some of you may know that LA Fashion Week was last week and I couldn’t do u darlings like that and not speak on it, so I decided to talk about one of my favorites, Ashley Paige. If any of you haven’t had a chance to see her in motion, then you are missing out. Even though she is purely high strung and CRAZY, her swimwear is beyond incomparable. its amazing how she transmutes texture into art and slaps it on the runway so heavenly.

Check out the pictures below and looky here, we have a few random D list celebs; Heidi (ugghh) from The Hills and Jaslyn from ANTM.

I really adore the vibrant colors and the sunkissed tanned models working the hell out these bikinis and swimwear. Gotta go cop me a Ashley Paige bikini ASAP!