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London fashion: Estelle’s Album Release dinner for “Shine”

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Here is someone that I will be, without a doubt, supporting today! She has a raw sense of talent and her style is on point! I love her new song “American Boy” featuring another dapper fella, Kanyeezy.

Here are some pics from her private dinner for her album release in America. Just wanted to share some London fashion with you. Also, featured in the photos is Christian Siriano from Project Runway.


The Talia bag…Yes!!

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Hey fashionistas,

Been gone for a minute..I apologize for that. Haven’t had too much to report to you beauties. However…I came across a bag made by Kooba that is titled especially for Mua! 🙂 For those of you who know my name, Taliah, the bag is spelled Talia, which is the same name but just a different spelling-I promise. 😉

Check it out. I don’t actually love the bag but I just recently bought one from the same line (HOT) at Handbags and the City in Harbor East (Downtown Baltimore) over the weekend, so I thought I’d browse the line for some more treats.

My bag is much much better…lol

Here is another bag I adored at the store. You should check it out if you’re ever in the area. The address is 612 South Exeter Street. They’re also about to expand their store to clothes and move to a bigger location around the corner. (Details to come later)

Vince Camuto does it BIG

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Hey fashionistas/os!

I Hope everyone had a wonderful, fashionable weekend. I sure did. Any who, I wanted to share a sentence or more of advice with you lovely bubblies. You know how some of you yearn for that high-end, couture piece; whether its a shoe, a bag, or a blouse?? Well here is a designer who has made it POSSIBLE for you to squeeze your size 7/8/9 feet into a dernier cri, spectacular stiletto and feel like a million bucks. And that fab person is Vince Camuto, shoe designer, who’s shoes are currently available at Nordstrom stores and websites.

I personally own a pair of his shoes and they are simply fascinating. They are very fashion forward and faux expensive. His shoes range from 100 to 200 dollars but LOOK more like they’re worth 400 to 500 dollars. Especially, if you rock it with the right attire and entourage ( Oh you didn’t know your entourage can do that? lol)

Check out Kim Porter (Diddy’s baby mama) rocking a pair. They are from the new line and I actually saw these when i was walking through Nordstrom today. I may have to cop these!

Heidi is Still Pushing

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So, here is Heidi promoting her lackluster fashion line at Kitson in West Hollywood, CA. I can’t believe I am about to fix my mouth to say this, but she actually looks cute and FASHIONABLE. Dammit, I’m about to find out who she hired as her stylist.

The Olsen Twins change it up!

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Hey fashionistas,

Here is a new line from the cutesy twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen named Elizabeth and James. This line is very much their style now; gone are the days of pink glosses and dolly skirts, they’re bringing you vintage mixed with fashion forward edge.

Check out more of their line here.

For those who care…

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Hey lovely bubblies,

In exciting fashion news today, Heidi Montag, from “the Hills” has launched her own clothing line, tailing behind my girl Lauren Conrad’s clothing line a couple of years ago. How original is that Heidi? She is PURE counterfeit all around, including her face. Oohh, that was mean…lol but hey it’s true. I wonder how Lauren feels, watching someone back stab her and talk about her behind her back and then milk her off of the show and use every bit of “talentless” to become “talentless Famous”…if that even makes sense. Her clothing line is straight booty. It has no character at all. The only thing she may have going for her is the prices and they don’t exceed 50 bucks, where as Lauren’s range from $130 to $170.

Lauren’s guests include Kristin Cavallari (huh..I thought they were enemies), Stephen Colleti (Laguna beach), Brody Jenner, Whitney, Lo, Audrina and more. Heidi’s included Spencer Pratt, Brody (again), and Perez Hilton.

Here’s Heidi’s line if you want to check it out. Its not worth a look though. 😉

And here is Lauren’s line. Better.

Lacroix does New York…finally

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After 20 years of being in the fashion business, french designer Cristian Lacroix, finally came to his senses and opened up a store in New York City, east 57th St to be exact. For some odd reason, he felt it was the right time…huh?? Who doesn’t have a store in New York. Well, I guess it didn’t matter to him either way because he was making that cheez regardless. If you have no clue who Christian Lacroix is, may I share with you some of his classic pieces? Sure, ok…here it is~