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Bare Arms cause a stir for First Lady Michelle Obama

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The first lady
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S.O.O.N which stands for Something Out Of Nothing, is a sports apparel line created by the talented and witty Jason Pitts. Pitts has a variety of apparel comprising of Tee shirts, sweatsuits, socks, with a new addition of kids and women pieces. I know him personally and he is a very ambitious young man with lots of character. Dude is going to go far.

Oh yeah and he’s hella funny…

Im feeling the style and colors of this shirt. Cute girlie colors.

Check out the website (currently under construction)

Oscars baby!!

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My thoughts on the 2009 Oscars…

Busy T!!

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Hey fashionistas and fashionis-machos!!

I want to leave a quick note to apologize for my lack of posts in the past weeks. I have been crazy busy. I moved a couple of weeks ago, finishing up my last two classes, working on my upcoming MakeUp Bar events and just living life. I definitely miss bringing my Fergalicious thoughts to your PCs, Macs, Mobile phones, and whichever other ways you get a dose of my blog. Well, have no dear my fear (Bootsy), T Ferg is here. I’m baaaacckkk.


…And he’ll do anything for a Blonde Dike

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I guess Ye wasnt playing when he rapped his lungs out on “Stronger.” Looka here, Kanye and his new “Fashion Week” boo, Amber Rose has been spotted at some of the most elite fashion shows at London’s fashion week. You can check Amber in the new issue of Smooth Magazine.

Damn, i guess him and Alexis are a done deal. Sad.
I guess i would say she has style. Any female who is confident enough to rock a baldie is cool in my book. It actually flatters her. Her style is cohesive with Kanye’s and it has an edgy, playfulness to it. I dig the pink sunglasses she’s rocking up top, as well as the black frames at the bottom. HOWEVER, I am still an advocate of Alexis Phifer and she will always have a place in my heart. Get it together Kanyeezy!!

side note: Rumor has it, she is a lesbian or bi because she supposedly was in a 2 yr relationship with a female before getting serious with Kanye. Freaky!!

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Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn ~ Gore Vidal (1925 – )

Currently listening to…

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Linkin Park ~ Minutes to Midnight
Love these guys….